I work from photographs and I am happy to receive as many images of your pet as you'd like to send in order to select the most appropriate and useful image you have.


Sometimes it can be tricky to know which of the many photos you have to send, to that end I have created a rough guide which I hope is helpful.


The higher quality and clearer the photo, the better I can achieve a photo-realistic drawing. 

I won’t be able to create highly detailed portraits from unclear photos.

too dark

Square 1 DARK.jpg
Square 1 LIGHT.jpg

too bright


too far away


bad angle


  • Natural light, preferably outdoors and in daylight. Indoor photographs taken in low light cannot be used. Likewise, photographs taken in bright sunlight can cast severe shadow and distort the colours

  • Photo should be taken at the same level as the eyes of the subject. 

  • Sharp, high resolution photographs give me the ability to zoom in to see details such as fur direction, individual hairs and distinctive marks. The photographs must be in focus. 

  • Light reflection in the eyes.

  • Preferably digital files but I can work from printed photos.

  • Photos taken with flash photography cannot be used. 

I understand sometimes photographic references are limited, such as when a beloved animal is

no longer with you. I can likely work with the photos you have and can even piece together

features from multiple photographs.


In this instance please don't hesitate to send me as many photos as you have - the more the merrier!